Oceanside rider, EAS'd, unemployed and ready to ride


I just finished my 6 years with uncle sam last week!! Im going to school starting on the 20th, and looking for a part time job in the mean time...anyone?? any takers?? but yeah, so im ready to ride when ever. weekend, week days, any day. im hoping we can carpool and split gas if possible. so any other weekday riders out there? im no expert, and spend more time on single track and deserts than the tracks. but im always looking to ride and explore. im willing to drive as far north as spangler, and as far east as plaster city, and north of the boarder.

congrats on EAS. thank you for volunteering to protect our freedom and way of life.

if i was in charge everyone would have to earn the right to vote by either military service or civil service to our country.

semper fi.

Thanks for serving... hope you get to ride a bunch !

thanks guys. i agree with you dirt addict!! anyone doing any weekday riding this week?

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