1994 rt100

so i just bought my first dirtbike after tying out my buddys cr125 and man that bike was a blast i didnt even have to leave 2nd gear. so i bought this blown up rt100 that i plan on rebuilding, now my buddy is telling me this bike is crap and slow and w/e but i want to hear from ppl that have it?

also this is my first 2 stroke rebuild i plan on doing, and i plan on ordering next size up piston,rings,gaskets anything im missing that i should get?

heres a pic of the beater for those who care, i traded a blown up 3 wheeler for it:pdirtbike3.jpg

also is there any mods i can do to get more pep out of this?

alright so i got priced on piston, rings, gasket, bearing + clip + bore im already 206$ + tax in the hole hopefully nothing goes wrong in the bottom end. before i bought it buddy had replaced the swingarm bushing, front and rear sprockets, new chain, new chain tensioners. so it should be good to ride after the rebuild:thumbsup:

If you ordered everything for 1 size over you are going to need to get the cylinder bored to that size.

There's a world of difference between a RT100 and any CR125. A newer CR125 will be even a greater difference. The RT is a beginners bike and made up of really old, simple, reliable designs.

A modern CR125 in good shape will make 30+ hp at the rear wheel, and has around 12" of suspension travel. A RT100 in good shape makes 8 hp or less, and has 3-4" of suspension travel.

Who cares what anybody sez? Just buy the standard bore unless you know the cylinder is out of round, etc. Definitely inspect cylinder to see if it needs to be re-plated or professionally honed.

Get it running and learn how to ride. Once you ride it wide open everywhere it's time to move up.

also i noticed when i checked the crankcase oil it said 650cc under the dip *** is this about cause i know the bike is not 650cc :smirk:

it needs 650cc of gear oil

haha that makes sense... also that foam in the pictures is what the idiot before me used as a gasket! no wonder shes blown, what do u guys think of the cylinder bore or hone or leave alone? lol

can`t tell from photos. take to machine shop for their opinion.

alright so i ended up ordering everything for the top end rebuild just a matter or waiting now :smirk: cost me 194$ in total and the piston was so badly scratched it needs to be bored out twice.

so i bought this blown up...

Don't do this again unless you have lots of money sitting around, or are very patient.

Don't do this again unless you have lots of money sitting around, or are very patient.

Well i got the money for it thats no prob just no patients :smirk:

I'm actually having fun with my first 2 stroke build its alot easier and cheaper then 4 stroke ( i know 4 stroke lasts longer )

The parts should be in Friday and the shop was even kind enough to lend me there flywheel puller when i need it. I just hope it all goes together well it has good constant spark and shifted through all gears. So it should fire up after the top end rebuild, and some jetting around.

So my top end gaskets, crank seals and pin bearings came in. Unfortunately my piston and rings are coming from Cali and i live in Canada so its a bit longer of a wait! i also forgot to order "boyssen" power reeds and a new air-filter so come Monday that should be getting ordered too!

is it worth the 30$ to put some boyssen power reeds in my bike?

also i drained the crankcase oil and it was blue! not like 2 stroke blue but like flat baby blue anyone know what that oil is?

I had a 90 RT100 back when I started at 9yrs. old was a great bike no big problems ever!!!!!!! It is a great beginers bike,fix it ride it have fun,then get a bigger bike

so all my parts but the reeds are in, going to get the cylinder bored out today. then its a matter of putting it back together. Gotta love the small bikes for something, 275$ in total for piston,rings,complete gasket set,crank bearings,power reeds and the bore job001daa.jpg

Hey. Im doing the same rebuild but on a 92 rt100. Any heads up or advice? Things to watch out for or not to do. Better brand names etc.. lol thank you

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