Yz400.... Help!!!

Well after 3 wiring harnesses, coils, CDI's, and hours of sweating in the NC Sun today I dug out the old multimeter and found that my stator is gone to **** :prof::smirk: so right now I am wondering how I would tell the years for the ENGINES of the YZ400s. Mine is the old 70s YZ400, the real beast. I am thinking its a 79 but not sure. The engine is mounted in my Yamaha Blaster Chassis and I have never had the bike it came out of so if there is any specific things to look out for atleast to ID if its a 79 or not (the 1 year beast) then please tell me! I need a stator and need to figure out the year. Thanks guys, your the best :smirk:

This post belongs in the two stroke forum, but you may get more info from the vintage forum, too.

go to this place:

Right in the center thy have a link to cross between engine number and year, model, etc. they also have a hugh amount of NOS stuff, that is their primary business.

I had one of the "one year beasts" the engine/fame prefix is 2X5, with the 250cc version being 2X7. Yamaha parts lists also a source of this info. You can buy each coil separately from Yamaha. Don't waste time with used stuff, nothing that old used is anything more than questionable. Speed and sprt also sells factory manuals for all years, printed and bound. I went through a few "restoration years" and they were invaluable for that.

Thanks for the tips guys. I have been working on the YZ400 blaster and I was pulling the engine to do some frame painting and noticed that 2 of the 3 wires had broken right outside of the casing, so after checking the resistance values again on the right section of wire then I found the stator to be fine, saving me some $$$. I'll do some soldering and redo the wiring system on the blaster frame for the YZ400 engine.

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