Hard start...why?

03 xr 70 has a hard time starting. I have to put the full choke on and kick it a couple of times, reving the gas every time. When I get it to crank I have to hold it at half throttle for 5 min before turning the choke off. When it warms up it runs good.

Pilot jet plugged up??

Entire carb system could probably use a bath...make sure fuel is fresh and flow is unobstructed from tank filter and through petcock to carb. Clean air filter too.

And brand new spark plug...not just a cleaned up one.

I put larger fuel lines and a in line filter... problem?

is the fuel strainer clogged...the one that is inside the tank itself? Usually you can remove the fuel petcock and then inspect both petcock and strainer to make sure nothing is blocked. I have had this stop me in the past when I thought replacing the fuel lines would do it. Sometimes that is all you need to do, sometimes have to go a little further.

If it was a fuel flow problem from the tank it would run worse when the throttle was open but would likely idle ok... Take the carb off and see whats going on in there... see if you can see light thru the pilot jet. I bet thats the issue.

I figured it out. The cutting out was the in line fuel filter had a lot of air in it. The idle problem was the valves being way to loose. It runs great and starts on first kick!

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