Sprocket wear

Just wandering do you think this sprocket is wore:lol:


No, just grind the rust off - lube it up and put it back on - it will be fine! :smirk:.

My sprocket looks like that...

I would like to know how many hours is on that sprocket. By the looks of it.....It has to have over 100 hrs

Idk man I rode it hard though and it done good, the rear sprocket is still good though.

That how they all are right?:smirk:

So what made you decide to change it?

Lol I wander why?

Mine still look brand new compared to his an when I change out:lol:

Wow...it has four teeth on it.....still plenty on wear left on it...lol..:smirk:

Put it on Ebay. Say its a sprocket off of a race winning bike and it still has 100 hours of life in it.

wanna sell it ? I need one, but I think I need a 6 tooth , let me check.

The last time I saw that many missing teeth is when I was working out on the indian reservation.

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