2004 yz 250 motor in 2006 yz 250 frame?

Will a 2004 yz 250 motor fit into an aluminum frame 2006? I have a chance to buy one cheap. Thanks for any info.

Yes, do it. I dont think You'll need to change anything but a few shock linkage bolts.

the stator wiring is slightly different. other then that there the same

Not sure if you own an '06 and are putting an '04 engine in it

or own an '04 and are swapping the frame. It changes the outcome because

in one there's a linkage/steering/spacer issue and in the other there's not.

Assuming you own an '04 and want to swap to an '06 frame, the linkage to frame

mount is different and will either require getting the '05+ wishbone or sleeving the mount.

The '04 mount is 16mm and the '05+ is 14mm. The width of the '05+ wishbone is also

1.5mm wider and uses a different bearing at the frame. The steering stops

on the aluminum frame/triple clamps are also different requiring the '04 triple clamp

stops to be relieved. The '04 and prior pipes will need some spacers/washers to clear.

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