KDX 175 (1980) Kick Start "Free wheels" when kicked

Hey Thumpers,

My 1980 KDX175 no longer kicks! The lever works ok when turned by hand, but when you go to grab a foot full of kick lever, it freewheels, almost like there is no compression. There is compression though, the bike runs great when pull started. You can see the shaft turning, so it's not the lever. I suspect it is the mechanism. I have a manual, so I plan to tear into it this week. It looks like I can take the case cover off and access the kick lever mechanism and gears. I'll be sure and post the fix.

Anyone know of any common issues with mechanism? I plan to replace the lever with the short 125 lever while I'm at it as well, these old KDX levers are like butter!

Thanks all!

Well I wish I could add something of value here, but the damn thing just started working! I don't know what happened when we rode, but as I was prepared to tear into the case and check the kicker gear, I thought lets give it one more shot. Worked like a charm, kicked right over, all kinds of resistance, and pow she started right up. I have since replaced the kick lever with the one from my 2001 220 (which got the shorter lever from a KX125 - LOVE IT!), and it all seems to work great! Who knows whats up??? At this point I wont look a gift horse in the mouth (what the hell does that mean?!?) and hope she doesn't go back into free wheel mode. I thought it might have been heat and case oil, but the oil is new and issue happened 2-3 minutes into a ride, so it never got hot?

Oh well!

G'luck all!

Check the spring, idle gear and spur gear.

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