06 DRZ SM Cam ??

current setup is:



JD Rejet

Yosh Rs2 Full Exhaust (ordered yesterday not here yet)

Lookin to squeeze just a tad bit more umph out of it...

Not interested in spending big bucks for BB or FCR

Im wondering if some hot cams will give me some noticeable umph, i read somewhere that if i install just the intake cam I will gain some low to mid umph is this true?? what should i expect from both cams.?

Im shooting for 1 more Mod, in or under the $300 range, if i can get even half the noticeable umph I got after the 3x3 and rejet out of a intake cam or even both cams id be happy...

Any help is appreciated..


i dont think it is worth it


the gains { if any } for 300 bux is a waste of money

double the 300 bux and get real value for money

+1..you get more gain from the Fcr...keep saving.$....:smirk:

What about with the FCR, are the cams worth $300 and the time to install them? Subjective question I know, opinions?

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