kx450f engine into an rmz frame?

Is it possible to install the 2010 KXF450 engine into a 2011 RMZ450 chassis?

Yes it is possible.

The question is, why?

You can make it fit in there somehow but why.

have you guys ridden both bikes? I own both and the motor on the KXF is much stronger

I wouldn't know if you could, but the reason no one seems to notice for the switch, is the suzuki handling, and the kawasaki power. Kawi makes the best motor, Suzuki makes the best handling bike.

Kawi 450 needs the same upgrades if you want a built bike besides that RMZ link was more of an advertisement then saying the RMZ needs these parts to be at par level. Hope the swap works out for you you would have a siamese Twin jap bike

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