Idaho trail riding

I recently got an '06 YZ250F it's been awesome for the 3 rides I have on it. My friend and I decided to play around with some different GoPro mounting spots. We need to brace the fenders more because there's alot of vibrations and the sound is terrible (hence no sound for those portions). This was my first time trying any filming and editing. Let me know what you think!

The GoPro parts were basically useless, but otherwise was a cool vid you put together!

Where in ID was that? Looks like some nice desert single track.

This was just north of Bellevue. Had we gone alittle bit north, we would be in actual trees but there is so much snow in the mountains still that it probably wont be ride able for alittle while yet. These trails start from my buddies backyard pretty much.

Like I said, the gopro stuff was some experimentation. Its kind of a cool view but I agree with you. I just didnt have more clips. :smirk:

Nice video. Looks like a great place to ride! One of my riding chums has a Go-Pro, the mount did itself in really quick. I think they would hold up for road bikes, but not that sort of terrain you show.

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