Any other Interim changes to make after air-box mod – before new jetting and pipe?

Well, I’ve been trolling on these forums for a long time – honestly it’s hard to find something to post when it seems every question has already been answered – but I thought I’d ask this question anyways….

So, I finally decided to start making some mods to my ’09 450x – I ordered a new pipe and new jetting – and while that is on its way, I decided to open up the air box (top snorkel removed and both sides vented to match the plastic previous ‘fake’ vents). I obviously don’t want to wait to get the jetting and pipe installed before riding again – so are there any temporary adjustments you would recommend making in the short term until the rest of the changes are in place? I would hate to get out to the trails to find out its running like crap (it ran great in a short ride in front of the house) – will it run even leaner now? Any advice would be appreciated.



You will probably notice no difference other than some airbox honk noise.

You need to get a real fuel screw while you are at it: R&D flex jet.

Please note that you have made your bike more lean by opening up the airbox, and it may not start or run as well, until you adjust the fuel screw.

Or it may be exactly the same........

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