SuperMoto valve adjustment vs. MotoCross

Does super moto valves need to be more adjusted than Moto Cross?

I doubt it ... an engine is just an engine ... The way any engine is used will determine its fate more than anything ...

SUMO motors are used differently no? Higher RPM over sustained periods of time -vs- MX where the motor gets to "rest" at lower RPM more (or at least the way I ride MX :smirk:). I would think you'd want to check the valves more frequently...but I'm just guessing. :smirk:

It's kinda a wash IMO. Moto engines tend to ingest dirt, which will shorten your valvelife immensly. Of course, high RPM/more cycles per minute reaches the usefull lifespan quicker than a motor run at lower RPM's more consistently.

Check em often and KEEP A LOG!! It is easy to establish your own history and see any trends on your particular motor, if you keep good records.:smirk:

I'd check them more often. You're running constant higher rpms even at normal street-pace. If you're giving it hell everywhere you ride...then it's just common sense. You're running it as hard, or harder, than you would offroad so keep an eye on them frequently and keep up on your oil changes.

Exactly. Used to know a GREAT engine tuner that did lots of high end motors and the SM guys seemed to need the most attention as there is a lot of bouncing off the rev limiter for long periods.

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