new web cam set-up valve clearance confusion

Hi I have just recived my new web cams grind# 540/288 and the installation information that cam with them has got me a little confused.

Do I use the stock setting for valve clearance?

intake 0.10-0.20

exhaust 0.20-0.30

As the installation info talks about piston to valve clearance and removing material from the piston or remove material from valve guides to get minimum of .30 clearance and some other thing I'm uncertain about.

Are these like the hotcams I took out that I just drop them in and shim the buckets till I get to the greater value of the stock DRZ400 clearances?

I'm running a +4 stroker and a 97mm bore if this help.

just want to be certain before I put them in

thank you


stock clearance is fine.

install and time same as stock after setting the clearance.

thanks I set the clearance to the stock setting and installed the jets you recommended in my fcr41 (175 main and a 42 pilot) and started it up on the stand and it seems to run smoothly so I'm going to ride it to work tomorrow to see how it runs off the stand.

When I stopped at the shop down the street to grab valve shims I asked them about the valve to piston clearance the install info says that must be checked, and the guy at the shop said to take a small piece of solder and feed it in to the spark plug hole between the piston and intake and exhaust valve and rotate the engine and then measure the solder to get the clearance. it's pretty hard to get it in that tiny hole as its deep and hard to get it in the right place so I'm not entirely certain if it was under the valve but it came out untouched. is this really necessary for my engine set up as I dont have a modded head.

just rather be safe then sorry, dont want to destroy the new valve job due to parts expanding and loose clearance.

thank for all the help the bike sounds great so far


i install the cams all the time. it will be fine.

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