colorado jetting

I have a drz 400s with a fmf slip on. I moved to fort collins from monterey,CA. What jet kit or jet do need to run at 5,000 to 9,000ft. I already tried raising the fuel neediel with washers but it is still cutting out.

Monterey elevation is 60ft.. You went the wrong way with the needle. Raising the needle provides more fuel/richens. That's not what you need for 5k-9k elevation in your new setting.

Is your airbox modified to flow more air than stock?

The DRZ400S comes stock with a 142.5 main jet, 22.5 pilot fuel jet. Is that still what is in it?

The airbox is stock and stock jets, so if i take the little washers out do you think it would run better? Whats the deal with airbox mod I've heard not to mess with it.Last night I ordered the fmf jet kit to solve my problems

leave the jetting stock. cut the 3x3 hole and go.

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