XL 350R top end oil tube question?

hi all i have a oil tube question,,

I bought 350R XL just recently..

When i got the bike the motor was in pieces..

Anyways went through all the parts a few things were missing

timing chain guide and bottom jug gasket ect ect..

Anyways looking the oil tube which runs from the bottom of the motor to the to the head,, I noticed the oil tube has copper washers how many should their be?

If any one know where to find a good complete diagram on how the whole motor goes back together please let me know



Same as is on all the other RFVC motors,,Two per end...Hold the bolt in your hand..put one washer on..Put the bolt through the oil line hole and place the other washer on the exposed threaded bolt end..Screw it in .Do the same with both bolts...

Any RFVC manual will do..The engines are all the same in design and setup./..use an XR/XL600 or 650L one...One floating about here somewhere..maybe check the 600/650 forum.,,or download this one for a 600.


Just make sure you double check the tappet gaps for a 350..Someone in the 250 section will be able to tell you that.

Complete engine diagrams come as parts fiches..any decent Honda site has them..Service Honda for instance..Google "Service Honda" Look up the model..Hey presto complete diagrams.

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Excellent thanks but now i know im missing 2 washers :smirk:

are they special gasket washers or will any type of washers in simular size do?

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