Can anyone measure there XR650R brake line guide

Can anyone with a 650R measure the distance between the mounting holes on there brake line guide, this is the part that mounts on your lower triple clamp and the brake line goes threw it?


If your talking about the triple clamp bolts that retain the bracket for the brake line, than it appears to be PDC to 1" eye-to-eye.

Yeah thanks that is what I am talking about the brake line guide. What is PDC and by 1" eye to eye you mean the farthest part of one hole to the farthest part of the other hole is 1" or closest side of the hole to closest side of the other hole is 1"?

The 600R guide is 1 1/4" outer hole to outer hole and inner hole to inner hole is a little more than 5/8"

I was thinking the 650R would have a bigger brake line guide since it uses the same size bolts but bigger forks 46mm to compared to the 600r's 43mm. I got a new bottom clamp and the OEM guide will not bolt up to the lower clamp its to small so I was hoping a 650r guide would work

Eye-to-Eye means center of one hole to the center of the next.

PDC = pretty damn close

Thanks that means its the same and won't work

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