2004 KX 125 questions

i was looking at a wicked clean 04 KX125 for $1300

anybody know about 04 kawi's? how they handle, good for little bit of woods action, high maintenance, issues, ETC

Paid 900 for my 05 that was SUPER low hour original owner, LOVE every minute of it on the MX track. I dont ride any woods, but it woudl probably be a bit of a pain having to keep it ont he pipe in the woods. I will say I often times end up riding the 125 smoker mroe then my FI 11 250f, just flat out more fun.

I ride my 03 in trails, and singletrack. Its a decent bike for these things. It has some low end power. Riding it really teaches you the clutch. My 03's handling is pretty good, especially when mixed with the powerband :smirk:

the biggest advantage the bike would have for the woods would certainly be its lightweight and manuverability. It dances around on the track where my 250f feels rough.

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