1 way to lower lap times

What is 1 thing i can do to my bike that will result in the greatest change in how fast i ride? I have a stock 2007 450R and am looking to lower the lap times at the local track.

I'm not concerned with technique or anything like that in this post, i know that is a vital part. However, i am only looking to improve my bike.


Proper Spring Rates in Suspension!

thanks guys. thats what i was thinking too. if i were to get a full suspension job say from Pro Circuit or RG3. how much would that cost me?

If you need springs its about $600-750. The first thing you need to do if I were you is just get the stuff serviced and resprung if needed and then see what you need after you have ridden it that way.

I would also look at some of the other suspension guys based on your skill and age. There are some that cater to the Vet riders and some that cater to the Pro's. If youre a slower rider I would look at guys that tend to cater to Vet riders because they will be more in tune to what your needs maybe!


By the way, what is your local track? What about you as a rider? No one can really offer you sound advice without knowing about you!


To do it right you should do both the front and rear. With proper springs and revalve seals and fork oil will be about 700.00 to 1,000. Pro Circuit and RG3 are both top notch. My bike has RG3 works great really soaks up the rough stuff.

Thats what i seem to have a problem with is going quick over rough stuff and i was leaning more towards RG3, but then i was also looking at Enzo or Factory Connection.

But it sounds like i would have to drop almost a grand either way, because i would want it all done.

And as for my track I ride at Pala Raceway in SoCal, and a little bit of Perris MX. I would say im a fairly skilled rider, i ride the main track at Pala which is the Pro National track and I can hold my own on it. But I also freeride at Ocotillo Wells. Which my bike seems to work fine for the jumps out there. I'm really just looking for pop off the takeoffs but still have speed on the rough straights at Pala.

If you are fairly mechanically competent, consider revalving your own suspension rather than sending it off for nearly a grand. By doing it yourself, you gain more knowledge of how your suspension works, save a lot of money (which you could take and buy a second set of suspension off ebay...helps reduce downtime, and more).

If you are interested...check out the sticky thread at the top called DIY CRF450 Revalve. Tons of great info, plus TheDogger (original writer of the thread) will help you with shim stacks to start out with.

Unless you are very heavy/light and/or you make money racing, the 07 CRF450 suspension is excellent right out of the box and spending money on it probably won't do much for your lap times.

You don't want to talk about technique, but that's where you'll find lower lap times. When I was a kid racing 125 intermediate, I went to the Gary Bailey school and shaved 6 seconds off my lap times. That was the best money I EVER spent on racing. No bike mods will shave 6 seconds off your laps.

Don't be surprised if you spend $1k on your suspension and your lap times get worse. Before you spend a dime on it, you need to learn how to properly tune the suspension that you already have.

Seat time, seat time, seat time. Is all the old fast ever tell me. I'm with CamP, if you have money go learn to ride what you have to the fullest.

A fresh set of tires! Cheap compared to suspension and will make a world of difference

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