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I am freshening up all the wiring on my 50. I am running an aftermarket rotor kit, CDI, and coil. There are tons of bullet connectors, slide connectors, etc. connecting all of the wires together. Most of the wires are way too long, and I want to cut the wires down to the right length to keep the wiring from looking so messy.

I am wondering, and I am no expert with electrical, can I snip off the bullet and slide connectors and use just straight wire?


The ground wire for my coil has a male slide connector on one end. The wire is connected to the ground wire coming out of the CDI by using a female slide connector on the ground wire coming out of the CDI.

I'm kind of confused by your example. Are you asking if you can clip off the old connectors and put on different connectors? Yes you can but be sure they are sealed and not exposed to the elements. Do you want them both to use the same ground?They cant be grounded to eachothers ground wire. You can splice them together then run one of them to ground. The first part of your thread sounds like you want just straight wire with no connectors. You can but if you want to remove that part later you'll have to cut the wire and then when you put it back in you'll have to put a connector on it or solder and heat shrink it

I am wondering, and I am no expert with electrical,

STOP... That statement says it all...

Not a good idea to proceed, leave it stock and neatly bundle the wires together with zip ties

Did someone previously modify the bundles? Extra wiring isn't always a bad thing unless it's in poor condition. One idea is to create a "service loop" out of the spare length, secure and bundle the remaining length.

Another thing that you could do is trim the wiring down to length and put new bullet connectors/butt connectors on them. The connectors aren't that expensive and you might need to buy a crimper, also. You do want to keep in mind what pieplatesnducttape said, leave some length so you have some wire for servicing.

I'd follow over 40's suggestion.

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