coolant problem ??

Hey guys don't know if this is a real problem or not but my bike just spills coolant out the over flow tube when it is running am I over filling it or is there a deeper problem like a blown head gasket were should i start to trouble shoot this problem I am have to put about 2 cups of coolant in the rads every ride.

It has been my experience that the coolant system will find a level that it wants. The coolant expands some when it is hot and very full radiators will ship out the extra coolant through the overflow tube. It is possible that you have some other unlying issue, but if you ride it regular and can always see coolant in the radiators, i wold think that you were fine. If you have to put in 2 cups and 2 cups always come out, it may be that it wants to run 2 cups below very full. Maybe time for a new cap?

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