Christian Craig


I was pumped to see Christian do so good this weekend, after having his sx season scratched due to a knee injury, and his rookie season taken because of this

Forget Reed, Christian is a bad dude:worthy:

Stellar ride from him at the usgp, so I more or less expected him to do well outdoors! Seems like a good kid, glad to see him back racing after a crash that bad.

I swear he has the sickest style, even as a amateur. At first I was like 450? *** are you doing man, its your first year pro! (supposed to be 2nd but, that bad injury sidelined him.) But now I can see he genuinely like the 450, and is really good on one....or maybe he was tired of being taken out by pro circuit guys...

that kid gets some more strength and we have another front runner in the mix :smirk:

Never really saw much of him b4 Freestone. To be able to run up front for half a moto, I was shocked. I turned to the guy standing next to me and asked who it was. He told me, and said CC's dad owns Millville? Very impressed, hope he gets stronger!

He told me, and said CC's dad owns Millville?

I think Alex Martin's (250 Honda rider) dad owns Millville, whenever he shows up on screen Emig talks about how he must be anticipating Millville coming, but Chrisitan's dad was a racer as well, so it's in his family.

Yep he's a local boy around here (san diego) and my friends know his parents. Good kid and hopefully he can continue to have a stellar season. Plan on seeing him ride at Pala this year.

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