ATF issue's

Hi guys, I made the change to type F ATF in my kdx and have changed it out about 3-4 times now. At first the light clutch action and smooth shifts that were the promise of the switch to ATF made me think it was a great decision, but the more I have used it the more another problem has shown it's head and I'm wondering if other have noticed the same.

The main problem is a dragging clutch while the bike is warm in general use no matter how its adjusted, but its hard to even get it in to gear with out stalling while cold.

So the questions are.

1- has anyone noticed this problem after the switch to ATF and did switching back fix it?

2- are all ATF fluid's created equal or are some better than others?

I know ATF is well thought of in these forums and may not be the problem at all, but before I start ripping the clutch to pieces I thought I'd ask for you opinion's



never had any trouble in my kx250

Grooves in hub or basket.

I've never used ATF (and never will), but a dragging clutch is usually warped plates, a notched basket, or a stretched clutch cable.

Yeah, your problem is something other than the ATF. I run it in my KDX and have had no issues.

Grooves in hub or basket.

Yeah there is a little wear on the basket, but its not like the wear got 10 times worse since the switch to ATF like the drag has. Maybe the affects are exaggerated with the thinner ATF rather than regular gear oil?

I'm guessing the basket was starting to groove, and the wear has just continued since you switched, regardless of the switch.

I ran ATF for hundreds of hours in my KDX. Put one clutch and 4 top ends in that bike. It shouldn't be the ATF.

As for the types of ATF, if possible, use Type F. Dexron 3 is ok but has more detergents in it. Not sure if you can get type F in NZ. Here in the states it very common because many of the older Ford tranmissions still use it.

Usually when I get this issue, the fibers are worn and the springs are weak. Also, I notice that with ATF when the fibers are 2-3 thousandths above the minumum service limit, they start to grab. Basically, if your limits are .107-114", at around .110 they start to grab. But it takes alot of riding to wear that far for us, about 8-9 months if riding and racing all year.

Got into the FAQ section, look in the clutch and KIPS check thread and see how to mic your plates. Refer to the service manual for the limits of your plates. It actually only takes about 15 min. to check plates.

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