Help!! Broken Clavical !!!

Hey Guys, well, for the 2nd time in as many years I have done some damage to my clavical. 1st time I tore all the ligaments off the end, and ended up having surgery to re-attach ligaments etc, this time I managed to actually break the bone a bit further up!!

Have had x-Rays and the likes and its definetly broken, but am having some different opinions on the best course of action for healing/repair.

The Doctor told me to wear a sling, so keeped that on for a few days, my good friend who is a nurse told me to get it out of the sling, and a mate who had the same injury was told by his doctor to not use a sling , he was told to let the shoulder hang in the relaxed position!!

Was hurting like a bitch with the sling on for 4 days, and have had it out of the sling for 3 days now, and is feeling heaps better.

Just really want to hear who has had this sort of injury and what they did to get it back so it was right to go, just with all the differing opinions would be good to know whats what!!



Asking someone to advise you on a break who has not seen the x-ray and is not qualified in diagnostic imaging is useless. If you question your doctors recommendation I would suggest seeing another doctor for a 2nd opinion.

I agree with juliend, but I will tell you what I did. When I broke mine I went to the er end they put a velcro x thing across my back, my arm in a sling, and sent me home with the advice to go see a doctor in 3 days. When I went to the doctor he said the x thing was useless so I quit wearing it. He said the sling was for comfort and I coud use it or not, it was up to me, and although it would always be a little crooked the bone would heal up and work fine without any surgery that seems common. Its been about 15 years now and he seems to have been right as my shoulder is fine, it just has a bump in the middle of the bone. As I remember the pain got better after about a week and after 5 I remember going to the fair and riding one of those spinning rides that sticks you to the wall without any problems.

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