Well I did it, My first enduro and on the Drz too!

Yesterday my brother and I both did the truegrit Enduro in the U.k (one of the ones Charlie Boorman did in his training in race to Dakar).

Jesus I have never been so tired! I was determined to complete it - as Charlie didn't finish the first few enduro's he competed in, and we both did!!:smirk:

Neither of us had ever competed in a race before and didn't really know what to expect. Andy convinced me we should go into the clubman group (experienced offroad riders), that was a mistake:bonk:, both of us have limited off road experience.

Most riders were on 125's and 250's (most KTM'S). Quite a few people stared in amusement when they saw us both on the z's. A few were telling us we were mad and that we'd really struggle on bikes as heavy as ours..... well yeah we did. Andy asked me "what if we come last?" to which i replied "I really don't care, as it's our first time. I'm just seeing what it's like and maybe setting something to beat next time."

Didn't start off well, we unloaded the bikes, i needed a piss (toilets were about 500 meters away so i jumped on and rode there. Andy got there as i was coming out on his bike, I waited for him and we rode back. A marshel was there to meet us...:smirk: "you guy's new to this?", "Yeah" we replied in unison, "Well the pair of you are almost not riding already! and why do you think that is?" he says. - Turns out its a major big no no to ride your bike even 500 meters to the pisser with no helmet even 5 miles an hour in a private car park...

Yeah I know you should be ATGATT, but it really wasn't far and i was Busting! So lesson learned, oops.

Race time comes....

We agreed that from the gates we'd let everyone fly off so we could get a clear run, that was worth it, as we got to follow people round and see the track a bit easier. My bro was the first one in our group to bin it and hold people up (much too my pleasure). Every lap i fell off at least twice. It got to a point where it was just hard to hang on to the bike.

The other riders are just soooo fast! even 2 hours into the race, they're still ploughing round and a hell of a pace! So needless to say we were relieved when the time was up and we handed our transponders in -

we did it and finished 43rd (my bro) and 45th (me) out of the 57 riders in the clubman open group, so not last like andy thought we may. :prof:

I'm just one massive ache today, my butt hurts like i've been raped by king kong, my thighs burn like a mother and my back... lets not go there.

Any way, just thought i'd share my experience!

Way to go!! :smirk::thumbsup::smirk::thumbsup::prof:

so when is the next race? :lol:

thanks, dunno when the next one is october i think. Might do it, gonna take about a week to recover from this one!!! so wasn't ready for it.

Forgot to say, the bike went awesome through out the race,(apart from me slipping it into neutral in the wooded sections or knocking up gears on the whoops :smirk:)

Didn't cope with the berms too well (again my lack of experience rather than bike fault) as it was dusty as hell. Seriously hard to stop the front tucking after a few laps and your arms are knackered.

way to go!

i'm not ready for that sort of thing yet

I'm really not kidding, neither were we!

I was debating whether or not i'd do another yesterday, I decided today that even though i'm a state and pretty messed up (back and thighs mainly) I'm gonna do another.

I'd recommend it to other people without a doubt. There is a hobby category, no pressure with times etc.. but you still have loads of riders jostling you about, no caring if they run you off the course (and into trees!). Some people are too competitive. :smirk:

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