"Tarding" my CR 250

Hey guys, im so sick of offroad riding, here in sweden that is...

So i got this idea, why not tard my bike and see if i like it, so what tires do you recommend and size 19-21".. I thought about just throw some new street tires on my rims, maybe buy supermotard rims in the future. Whats the benefits of the smaller sm rims?

And throw some taller gearing on it.


nothing wrong with running your stock rims.. lots of DOT DUAL SPORT tires out there.. the main reason for 17's is to get stickier tires (huge selection of street bike tires)

my AFC500 works perfectly fine on the street and works decent in the dirt (street tires dont grip rocks/sand/dirt very well :smirk:)


Aha, looks nice..

What sizes should i be looking at?

Same dimensions as mx tire but just street?

yeah i can imagine, but i just got new rims on this one and all...

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