2010 KTM 530 XC-W Six Days edition??

So I found a left over 2010 KTM 530 XC-W Six Days edition. I am really contemplating buying this thing. However, I am being told by my riding buddies that it's too much bike for riding in the woods and doing hills climbs over here in East Ohio. I am no stranger to 4 strokes as I have had nothing but 4 stroke since 2001 of which were a YZF426, YZF450 and a CRF450. I rode all these bikes in the woods and motocross and have never had a problem with them. I have a feeling this bike will be no different and actually probably be a little better suited for me since I've decided to ride strictly in the woods with a bike that is actually built for offroad like this, not a motocrosser that was converted slightly. Any thoughts?

O yeah, all my buddies are still riding 2 stroke motocross bikes in the woods and have never made the leap to 4 stroke land.

If you're happy with previous 450 in the woods then the 530 won't be much different.

My last bike was a yamaha wr450f and i found it a bit high revving for the tight brutal stuff. I just purchased a 2010 ktm 530exc a month agoe and i am in love with the bike. It has way more useable thump for slow rough conditions and still has a gut full of power to get over anything while ripping the tire loose. The only complaint if you go the street legal way is the stock setting. Imediatly buy the 130 dollar fan from ktm, i run engin ice anifreeze as well because i had the thing boil over like mad. Problem solved now. Also change the needle in the carb to a xcw needle put on mid clip, drop the pilot to a 45 or 42 depending on ambient temperature, raise rear sprocket to a 50 tooth, and gut the polution gear. If you need some help with the gut drop me a email and i can walk ya through it. Long and short for all its worth i love the bike and i only liked the wr450....not to piss off the yamaha boys i was one but i am ornage for life...until she explodes lol nock on wood

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