Group, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bruce at third gear pined

few weeks ago my name is MR Lewis I want to fill in everyone on how

things are going with my BRP but first let me tell you about Bruce

this guy was sent to me from a higher power if you know what I mean.

Bruce I hope you don`t mind me talking about you but you are truly a

man of God and a inspiration to me and I`m sure to whomever has

contact with you. I`m sure that every wants to know what you have

done to my pig.


180 Main, 70s Pilot, br58E needle 3rd position, Air valve

modification, cleaned Uni air filter, no back fire screen, holes in

air filter cover, Choke flap removed.


White Brothers `E' series (open), spaced so Tera Flex tire will not




Eibach 47kg springs, Golden Spectro 2.5wt fluid, re-shimmed,

Compression and rebound nut torque @ 30 inch pounds. Fixed front axle



Eibach 11.5kg Spring, Maxima 3wt oil, re-shimmed, Nitrogen 240psi,

greased all linkage, set compression and rebound at mid-point, new

mudguard (didn't last first ride, Tera Flex ripped it up)

Straightened sub-frame, fixed spinning threads in sub-frame, adjusted

valves; intake .06, exhaust .08, glued grips, tightened kick start,

removed (smog) air pump and installed exhaust cap and air box cap,

fixed hole in fender, fixed hole and removed scratches from air

filter cover and painted, Tried to fix lighting; found short and

refused still doesn't work, need more time,

Bruce has completed all of these mods to this bike at no cost to me

other than parts and some of them he had bought at e-bay in hopes

that myself or some other pig owner could use them (how cool is that

although we where bidding against one another Bruce won and now so have

I )this guy has been threw the ringer at xrs only just trying to get

me set up with the right parts checking if they where on the shelf

then contacting me on where to get them from various venders, he

wanted to get it back to me in a week I was going on vacation and he

was determined to complete this project on his off hours after work at


Most bike shops could`ent even do that, none would probably even say

they would. I ordered the remaining part on Wednesday after finding out

the order was canceled by xrs only while I was on vacation. Bruce had

the shock spring on that Friday and called me to tell me I could come

by and pick it up that night he even said sorry it took this long to

get it back for me wow!!!

I order the spring from Jim Lindemann ENG. 408-371-6151 after calling

Aftershocks trying to find one they hooked me up with Jim Lindemann

ENG. Eibach 11.5kg .

I went to pick up my bike at Bruces house after one of my kids

soccer games in Highland So. Cal. I called him to see if I could

pick it up and to tell him I was going to stop by chaparrals is there

any thing I would need to pick up for the xr650r (MUD FLAP) he also

talked about the sand cover for the rear shock I got em and the cover

worked well. On to Bruces house I checked out the bike it was outside

and ready to go . He fueled it up and was ready to load up the bikes

and head to third gear pined . Unload and ride my bike this was like

awesome to keep it contained. It was a new bike, more power, starts

1st kick, lands the table tops with out bottoming out this bike is

awesome thanks to my friend Bruce Borynack . He has reworked my bike

like the pros and did ent ask for anything in return other than a

race. Maybe he felt bad for me watching me ride my stock bike I`m at

260lbs not a good match for a stock bike.

Regardless of what xrs only has said about Bruce and I’ve read most

of the stuff at no point have I seen Bruce act in any other manner

than appropriate . My self think he`s God sent

Signed MR Lewis

Thanks, for the good word! I think this hole XR's only thing has ran it's course. Some will still buy from them and all will go well, others will and may post why you shouldn't. Bad business has a way of getting fixed or stopped in the long run. XR's Only makes a good product! I have some of there stuff on my new bike. Just doesn't seem to take the phone or net portion serious.

I had a blast on that last ride Mr. Lewis and the race was informitive. Help nail down the difference of holes in the air cover and a header combo. The Mikuni doesn't make it fair though. Now we can have a few more goes at it and our kid's get a chance to ride together. Hope to see you out at your place next. :)

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