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increase spring rate for big guy on xr650l

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I'm just learning to ride with my buds who've been on bikes for many years.

I'm doing well on road, but off road I've got 30 years of catch-up to do. My initial practicing off road equates to forest roads (in my case...dirt/sand potato field roads). I'm not riding any kind of tight stuff yet, or up/down jumpy kind of stuff.

I know the xrl is stock sprung for 170-pound elves. Depending on the amount of lifting I do, I'm 6'5", and 300-315# without gear.

Reading the chart at 4-strokes I need to get the front sprung to at least .49, and the rear to 12.7. Racetech's calculator says to get to .57 / 13.1.

I think without incident, I can get a 12.5 rear eibach. Fronts seem to be tougher to get ahold of, but .50 eibach's should be obtainable.

I'm quite willing and ready to respring this thing, but just checking to see if anyone would tell me there's a good reason not to do it yet. Or, would there be any reason to not buy the 12.5 and .50...but something in between that point and stock.

I'm thinking that A...it will be at it's best performance point for me to learn on, and I'm not dealing from problems stemming from being under sprung, whatever those might be; and B...the bike should be better off for it, especially when I'm geared up, and if I've loaded crap on for a camping trip.

I'd hope it makes learning easier....but that could just be wishful thinking :smirk:

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