crf 250 dyno graphs


Heres a simulated graph of one of my pro 250 f engines matching very closley to what my actual dyno numbers are .and then a graph of a 250 f concept engine also simulated the curve is moved up 2000 rpm but still usable .

Can I get 2 of the concept motors before the SE Regional at gatorback?

no but you can get 2 of our pro packages that will work great .i intend in the future to try and produce these numbers its going to require a different tb location air box and radical exhaust it was intened nore for a road race aplication and the package would fit eazly into the frame configuration .I will probally end up doing this under the RHC eventually and have to find m own 2010 crf 250 engine to test with and then see if i can fit proper air filteration into it and pipe of my customers just hit over 100 hp on a single cylinder engine its quite large but the curve peaks @ 8500 rpm not bade for a 870 single .

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