KTM 50 clutch shoe removal

Hi all my son has a 2001 KTM 50 senior and i need to change the cltch shoes does anyone know how to remove them ?? many thanks

You need a clutch puller. I fabbed one up from a good old cheap Tusk chain press. Widened the holes a bit with a drill, I think 2 sz's up, then found some 5mm bolts to thread inthe holes in the clutch inner hub. The press bolt was a perfect size for pushing against the cranks shaft. Worked a charm.

Good Link Woody !

I don't think you need a clutch puller. You have to remember the nut holding it is reverse threaded. I am able to use either my fingers or a flat head screw driver to help pry once the nut is removed.

You will need a piston stop pin, well that's what we used, you pull spark plug and put this plug in to prevent engine from cranking. The nut comes right off (reverse thread)

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