2000 CR250 headlight

Im lookin into puttin a headlight on this beast. Im makin an order on steahly offroad for this:


(50 watt stator)



(12 volt ac voltage regulator)

and then going to rocky mtn for this


(35 watt headlight)

is there anything else ill need, and will this setup work well?

any info will be great!

A wiring harness (you can make one)and a headlight switch is needed. I would also recommend using a small lithium 12v battery to reduce the light from surging and going dim to bright with the rpms.

I thought that the voltage regulator reduced surging

It does reduce it some but does not eliminate it...You can buy 1"x3"x4" lithium battery packs that work great....or you can even build your own from AAA batteries.

I would guess a 35 watt light is basically only good for too things. Passing dmv inspection(trying to get it plated) Or illuminating a map because its dark and your lost :smirk:

I have a 55watt light on my xr600 with a baja designs rewound stator. and the light isnt good enough for anything other than second gear(crawling home)

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