brake safety mechanism

i need some help. my son has an arctic cat 90 2005 dvx. yesterday he rode it al day with no issues, as always. when i went to put it in the barn it fired up as normal, but as soon as i released the rear brake it stalled. like most kids atvs it has a safety mechanism the requires the rider to depress the rear brake when starting, once running you should be able to release the brake and ride off to the trail, now as soon as you let off the brake it stalls. it is definitly something in the saferty mech., because i was able to pull it in the barn running fine by slightly holding the brake in, also, as soon as you let off the brake and it starts to die, you can quickly press the brake in and it will saty running. any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


Sounds like you might have a short somewhere, or a broken wire around the mechanism from a rock hitting it or something.

i highjacked my sons AC 90 battery yeaterday for another quad that doesnt have a recoil start, a yamaha breeze 125. when i changed the batteries i lost one of the nuts to tighten the bolt, so i just stuck it in there; wasnt really concerned since wasnt thinking it would need a battery to run right. it must have vibrated out when we parked it for the night. today after i posted this i went and looked at it an traced the wires from the safety mech. like you suggested. all were tight. then i saw the lose battery cable, didnt think it would change anything, but sure as s*&t it worked. supprised to see it needs a batter connection, but it does. thanks for your help,


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