No gas getting to float bowl

I have basically 2 rides on a new Mikuni 32mm flat slide nonpumper. It is on a 2001 Honda XR250. I hadn't ridden it in maybe 3 weeks. Went to crank it yesterday and wasn't cranking. Got it cranked 2 times but quickly went out. Thought maybe it was spark. Took out the spark plug and tested the spark. Looked at the fuel filter and didn't notice any gas. Thought maybe it was my petcock, disconnected the fuel line from the carb then the filter filled up with gas and flowed out the fuel line. ? Took the cap off the bottom of the float bowl and no gas. ? Reattached the fuel line since I knew it was flowing and put the cap on the bowl. Tried cranking again, nothing. Took cap back off of the float bowl and nothing. Took carb off of bike. Took float bowl off and attached fuel line and gas comes out freely. ??? Floats move up and down without restriction. Ok, so I put the bowl back on and try the same thing. Hook up the fuel line, give it a minute. Takeoff the fuel line. Take off the float bowl and it is full of gas. ?? Ok, what gives?

Perhaps something was stuck and got dislodged? I am going to go ahead blow it out with some carb cleaner and air at the this point since it is off the bike. Put it back on and give it a shot.

That is where I am at.

Floats are stuck. Rap on the side of the float bowl with the handle of a screrwdriver to dislodge them.

Do not use carb cleaner, it eats rubber and plastic parts.

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