XR250L USD fork Swap

Hi tters! I purchased an entire front end from a 04WR450F for US$400 so its time to hit the garage. At this point bike sits on a stand as I wait for the machine shop to send the WR stem fixed to fit the XR head. Here a picture of how she will look at the end, Ill post details of the adaptation, maybe it can benefit someone.




here some updates,


The key switch of the XR can almost fit in these mounting holes, no idea what goes here on the WRF but, a key switch perhaps :smirk: so I'll be cutting some off the switch so the next bolt can reach by a nick. the head lock would not work since the upper tree will end being higher


here the triple tree before any machining, I am currently using a XR400 head light so apparently the holes on the front of the WRF lower tree will do the job


here a comparison of the forks

Very nice! I might have to do this to one mine in the future. :smirk:

very cool


steering stoppers do their job


here the finished product, dislike the fact it ended taller at the bars since I put a spacer to rise the top clamp so I could bring the fork tubes up to lower the front end, I will get use to it!:ride:


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