wisdom teeth removal; how long should i wait?

I have no idea if anyone here has had experience with this or not, so I figured it would be worth a shot!

I had all 4 (plus a supernumerary) wisdom teeth removed on Thursday the 26th. I have been laid up on the couch reading moto magazines, watching SPEED and allisports.com to get my fix since I can't ride this glorious, sunny, long memorial day weekend.

Here's the question: I have a race on Sunday, practice Saturday. I still have some minor swelling in my bottom right socket, but aside from the rest being tender, I am otherwise OK. I know it is all conjecture at this point, and depends massively on how my body heals, but if anyone has experienced this before, based on your personal experiences, should I be planning on packing my gear and bike this weekend, or a pit-board and suntan lotion to help my friend?

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