HDD tube sizes for Pirelli MT43

After a lot of reading I have decided to give Pirelli's MT43 a go as a dual sport tyre.

I ride mostly hardpack, gravel, rocks as well as street. I am currently using MT21's which have never given me a feeling of confidence, especially in turns. On the street they are downright dangerous when wet.

As they are not available in Greece I am buing them online, probably from here: http://www.dirtbikebitz.com/pirelli-mt43-pro-trail-400-18r-p-4160.html

My problem is Michelin Ultra Heavy Duty Tube selection.

Tyre sizes are:

4.00 - 18 Rear

2.75 - 21 Front

And available UHD tube sizes are:

18 100/100 Rear

18 110/100 Rear

18 120/90 Rear

18 130/80 Rear

21 80/100 Front

21 90/90 Front

Thanks in advance for any replies!

personally i use 18 110/100 and 21 90/90, but i'm pretty sure any of thoses sizes you listed will work.

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