CRF 450r 230lbs new springs setup


I just picked up my 2011 CRF 450r! Love it! Wow FI is crazy! I bumped the throttle while hitting a few breaking bumps and thought I was going to shoot right over the berm!

I am sure this has been covered a million times…. Just hard for me to research with six boys jumping all over dad and always wanting to ride!

So Honda when with KYB right? I’m 230 with gear and for the most part can only afford bigger springs and will be going with Diverse springs simply because they are cheaper and they seemed okay to me on my 2005 CRF 450r. So .49 on the front and 5.8 on the back?!?!? Is that about 2 “sizes” up from stock. I couldn’t figure out the measurement in the manual.


The Autism MX Project!

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