Renthal Bars Question

It may be time for new bars(crashed hard this weekend). I currently have 7/8 Motocross Highs(#764). I'm thinking of a different bar this time. I've heard some people were using the YZ85 bars. I ride alot of tight stuff, so i was thinking that these bars might not be as wide and would be a good choice for the woods!! I don't want something too low. I'm over 6' and like to stand as much as i can when i ride. Any suggestions my brothers? :)

I went with the LUSK bars and wished I had done it sooner. I am 6'3" and I like to stand alot when I ride.

The Button bars are hi also!

What about width? I'm also looking at getting something smaller, without having to cut down the bars?

The yz85 bars are like 28" wide compared to a normal 32". Renthal makes a "woods bend for the pro tapers that is like 30-1/2".

My 2 cents. Find a bar that has the height and pullback that you like and wack the ends off the bars to get it to your desired width.

I have heard of folks running yz85 bars but that seems to be awfully narrow. If you do any kind of high speed ridding you might not want bars that narrow, unless you have monster arms to control the head shake :).

I put the yz85 bars on before i even rode the bike... their great.. nice and narrow.. plenty of room for your controls,

and no.. i dont have a head shake problem.

Ditto on the YZ85 bars. Great for the tight stuff.

CHUCK!! How the hell are ya. It has been along time. Any word if your going to be down this year to do some riding? I went through your neck of the woods in march. OMG so beautiful. We stayed in canmore at the holiday inn the pocatera. We got in at about 10 at night and it was nice. We then woke up toa bout 13 inches of snow. Any way you live in an awesome place. talk to you later

Chris L.

Hey Buddy!!!

Sure wish I would have caught up with you when you were here. We are thinking about coming down. What's your riding been like. It's been so hot and dry here and lots of fires :cry It really has been tough on some of the BC folks this year. Good to hear from. How's Shaun and Tyrel?

shawn and tryrl are great. Tyrel got married 1n may, and then moved down to arizona, His wife whas to finish up school. We are going to be coming up there again next year for a week in jasper. We will have to definitly have to hook up then. It has been really hot here also. mid 90 to 100. There have not been many fires yet but the woods are on hoot owl. only time you can be in the woods is from 1:00 am to 1:00 pm. so we get out early. But i was laid off for a spell and i had not ridden for a few months either. well you take care and i will talk to you later chuck

Chris :)

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