06 450 wont idle

Heres the story,Last year when i was putting my bike away for the winter my buddy came over and jumped on the bike and took it for a ride with the fuel shut off.When he got back the pipe was cherry red.I didnt even mess with it just put it away.I got it out this year it fired up but will only idle with the choke on,as soon as you turn e choke off it dies.Pulled the plug it was a little white but ok,changed it regardless.Pulled the carb off went through cleaned everything put back together still wont idle.Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Idle set too low? Pilot jet still not clean? I have my idle lower than stock and it wants to stall when I push in choke if I don't warm it up real good.

Mine has to be warmed up pretty good, otherwise when i push the choke in it wants to stall unless im on the throttle. They are pretty cold-blooded. But if you're talking about well after the bike should be warm, then i would check your pilot jet. Also check your Float valve to make sure it isnt gummed up. Try blowing air through your fuel inlet on the carb, if you cant get air through then more than likely your float valve is sticking inside. Have you tried just turning your fuel on and seeing if gas runs out of the carb with the drain bolt off? Sounds to me like your not getting enough gas. Could also be the idle too low like Tailender said.

Went through the carb real good,ditched the stock pilot screw for an aftermarket one.Got it 3 turns out.The bike will run with the choke off just wont idle,I feel like the pilot screw is dialed in pretty good.Revs real crisp and fast.It will idle all day long with the choke on just as soon as you turn it off it dies.Unhook the hose from the fuel on/off valve.Fuel flows like a river.I think i will take off that hose from the valve to the carb and blow air through that,maybe when he rode it with the fuel off it sucked dirt or something.I see both you guys are from PA.I am too where abouts are you guys located?

If you have the pilot screw 3 turns out, you may need a bigger pilot jet or the one in there is slightly blocked. I think mine is set at 1.75 to 2 turns out. It may be a pain, but I would take the pilot jet out and clean again or replace it.

i literally just bought the works connection pilot screw when i had the carb apart.

oooo my bad you said jet gotcha

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