Bleeding Showa Rear Shock

Howdy fellas!

So, I'm almost done servicing my rear shock... but I'm having a hell of a time bleeding the air from the shock body.

I'm using the instructions found here:

My problem is that I'm having a hell of a time pulling the damper/seal head UP after I've pushed it down.

There's a very strong vacuum happening. I can pull it up eventually, but it sure is tougher than the down (in) stroke.

Is this normal when bleeding the air from the rear shock body? Or should it be easy to pump the assembly in and out?


Yes, all my adjusters are turned all the way out (counter-clockwise).

I suppose that it does make sense that it's easier to push the rod IN... since the valving works that way... but I just want to know if there should be that much resistance when pulling the rod back out from the shock body.

I'll stop talking now. Thanks!

My ThumperTalk brothers!! I have solved it!

After much research (numerous threads on other boards too), I found out that I had to seat my damper rod/needle in the assembly that you pull out of the shock body.

To do this I used a coat hanger. Don't be aftraid to push on the needle from the top of the shaft (where the seal head is) until the needle "clicks" into place within the shock shaft.

Just wanted to finish my thread. Bleeding it is super easy now. I must've not turned out my adjusters all the way.


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