Does anybody still have a copy of either dirtrider or dirt bike,best bang for bigbore

I had it years ago, can not find now, would like to read about it again if anyone still has the mag and post it, or any other test on the 600 would be great, Thanks.

Search ebay for XR600 magazine there are few 600R test issues on there for like $5.

I got one with summers on the cover lifting up his bike off ebay

I think it was Dirt Bike Mag, Said the XR 600 was the Best Bang for the Buck when comparing the Big Bores Shoot Out in 96-97, I was hoping someone still had the issue and would Please Post it here, Thanks

I guess it's a no go on the mag, So does anyone know what the artic said to refresh my dead head, Thanks again .

I look last week on ebay did not see any, I wish I would have save my old mags for a refreshers course, I have a few on my KDX and one on XR-250, never thought I would own a 600, I just pick one up last year a 96 model, replace a few parts he and their, and so far its been a pretty good ride . Thanks and if any others can remember ??

Hey Dixie, you must be thinking about the June '96 issue of Dirt Bike magazine- the article is entitled "The Big Bang" and compares The Husaberg, xr600, Husky 610, Kawaski 650 and the KTM 620... PM me your email address and I'll see if I can get you hooked up.

I'd simply scan it and post up a copy of the article for all to enjoy, but that'd involve all sorts of copyright violations...


Pm me it to me I will post it up here, there not going to worry about posting an article from a 16 year old magazine and if they are I am not worried about it

I wouldn't post the article if it would deprive them of legitimate sales, but Dirt Bike doesn't list back issues any older than March 2011 on their site. :thumbsup:

I think I posted scans somewhere of the first ride they did when the 650R came out. I might also have scans of an XR250 vs. XR400 comparison one of the rags did around the same time. If not, I can still make copies from the originals that are stashed away. :ride:

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