Ride Report/video from Renfro Valley DS-May 7/8

Nice Video!

Saw your video's at HP and Town Creek also...I have not ridden either, but have added them to my list! Both look like I can start easy and work my way up in difficulty...I am new to this, but loving it!

Thanks for sharing!

Looks like great time. How tough were the trails?

Looks like great time. How tough were the trails?

Actually, they are pretty advanced in sections. They call it a dual sport, but there is NO WAY in hell I would ride a dressed out DS bike(racks and all) with DOT legal DS tires.:lol: Those bikes were stuck and/or struggling all over the trails. It is more enduro-like trails(and in sections harder than any enduro that I have ridden), the layout is enduro like in the aspect you may have a 5-10 section of trail, then a section of fireroad or pavement to get you to the next section of trail. They also offer "hero" cut offs that take off from the main course and connect right back on to the main course a few miles later, they are more advanced/challenging than the main couse.

That place seems to stay wet, at least the last 2 years I have done it. Wet, slick and rocky in areas. Lots of elevation changes, etc. Also a good bit of just leisure fire roads. A good all around mix of everything. Excellent 2 day ride with gorgeous scenery and your own pace. It is marked very well and they also provide roll charts.

Good stuff :ride:

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