burning oil after new rings installed

my bike is burning oil after new rings were installed it doesn't burn it at idle but when you throttle it up it blows clouds of blue smoke. is this because the rings are new? i took it to a mechanic and just got it back :smirk::banghead:

He could have installed a ring upside down, not cut the proper ring end gap on the rings or oil skirt.

i dont know what he did but it seems to burn less when it warms up a little any help is definately appreciates cost me 1200 to fix and its still broke grrrrrr

Mech did a bad job.

i will have to bring it back tomorrow im startin to hate dirtbikes

Did he install OEM rings on a stock OEM piston?

He's only qualified to do 2 strokes.

i will have to bring it back tomorrow im startin to hate dirtbikes

'' The clay is only as good as the potter who made it ''

Take it Back to El Dodgey Bros. and request the he does the job properly.....

If he not willing to help you out threaten to post his name on this forum....

oil ring probably installed incorrectly. ends are probably over lapping.

maybe he used the old rings , who knows

As pointed out not normal....

As to why..well your post leaves to many unanswered questions to hazard a guess at this point.

WhY were new rings installed?

Just rings?

What was the condition of the cyl? Piston?

How were the rings installed? What brand? On what piston?

Poor ring seal due to wrong install (oil control expander ends overlapped, oil control ring ends aligned, compression rings upside down, cyl in poor condition, not deglazed... There are many possibilities)

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