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I really do have a 450

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computer keeps acting up and my wife is bitch'n ,so i'll give all the details later , just wanted to show my 2007 1900.00 pile of crap , months after i got it

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the pic doesnt do it justice, 10pix nikon and every pic was washed out or blury, anyway ,i just wanted to show off the bike , it really looked beat when i got it, I really enjoyed building it ,just wish it didnt take so long,working 6 days a week ,i was just doing it here and there ,and it just dragged on seemed like.

new plastic

new graphics

new tires

red gas cap (bling)

new rims and spokes

glass bead hubs

glass bead outer cases

glass bead calipers

red wheel blocks

NEW kill switch

new red radiator hoses

avs levers

pro taper oversize risers

new over size bars

new pro taper grips

new red zeta stem nut (bling)

new red works master cover

new works fuel screw

new boysen ap bowl

new nuts bolts on 90%

new tag front sprocket

new xso chain

new tag rear sprocket

new sprocket bolts

new disc bolts

new water pump cover(fell off the stand and broke)

new bearings front and rear

new fork seals bushings

new brake pads front and rear

tons of time cleaning the frame , and i mean tonssssssss

tons of time striping the swingarm anodize was scratched up

polished the inside cases

fc fork springs my weight

fc shock spring my weight

previous owner did valves

previous owner put on wb full carbon exhaust (very loud)need to see if theres an insert to quiet things down, sounds like nascar when i start it.

previous owner put in uni air filter

theres some scribing on the head so it might have some porting?



new radiators

its pissin water for a couple secs at startup out the pisser hole

kn oil filter

two oil changes so far oil comming out still not great ,ive only rode

it up and down the road a couple times.

sorry for the long list ,it was kinda for me to see what i spent , i was kinda dreading adding it up.

my wife has no idea

tons of chemicals,cleaners,steel wool,scotch pads etc

tools to do the forks etc

and surly alot of things i cant remember

On the list to do?????????? probably a dynaring ,but i need to get some seat time to decide

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i can't wait to post my bike up for you guys it looks so sick.. i'm waiting on a call right now for my rims and then they can be made and shipped to me.

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thanks about the info on the pump , i had just read a thread , about the hole , i will do that , you can't see the other side of the bike in the pic ,but the shroud isnt on that side yet , i lost a aluminum spacer, need that , so i'll add the seal to the order , along with a missing mud flap, and a couple other tiny things.

the other thing is i hammered it down the road , and once it hit full throttle for a few secs, it started stumbling , its got a 180 main , i bought a 165 as recomended , but i'd like to step down a little at a time its not like you can do a simple plug chop on these things on the side of the road, is everyones opinion it will end up at 165?

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heck ,the guy was twiting my arm to take it, makes me a little nervous about the motor,for sure its going to need a seal in the pump ,or worst a shaft .

everything i changed above was either worn out ,bent broke or scratched to hell ,or past dirty i only splurged on a couple small things, i figured i could have spent more on a bike or take this one and put what i wanted on it ,and it would be new parts. I can't bring myself to add up what i spent in parts yet.

Im going to roll the dice ,ride it this summer , then tear it down , and hopfully only put a piston in it .

Im not that lucky though.

i bought a closeout jd kit yesterday , it was clearence price , and has main jets 170-195 so it was cheaper then,buying jets sepratly ,i already had a 165 and i ended up getting the two needles.

anyone need a blue needle?

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Great looking bike. Sounds like the way mine is starting off, It's a bit of a pile 04, but with time,money and elbow grease ( right now I only have 2 of those components) it will be a good bike. I thought the same.. Buy a better bike or build this one the way I want..

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Change the WP seal and drill the hole in the impeller. Takes all of 10 minutes. Great looking bike!


What is this about and what year bike????

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Before 2006, Honda's impeller on the 450 had one hole; the threaded one in the center that attached it to the impeller shaft. the issue, (some have had it, some haven't) was that as the cooling system ran, coolant would drip out of the weep port on the bottom of the pump housing. This was due to cavity pressure building up in the impeller housing, pushing past the water pump seal.

By drilling a .125 (1/8") between 2 of the fins, halfway in from the outer edge on the face of the impeller, this reduces the pressure built up in the housing by equalizing it in front of and behind the impeller; effectively taking pressure of the outer/water pump seal. It is very easy to do. It doesn't reduce coolant pump ability, and doesn't throw the impeller off balance. You could just as easily buy the impeller for an '06 CRF, but if you have a 1/8" drill bit, and a half-hour, it's free!

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