Has anyone every weighed a late model RM250? The published dry weight is 96kg but I'm kinda curious as to what the actual weight is; yesterday at the track I was comparing my K8's weight to a 2011 KTM 250 SX (publlished weight 94kg) and the difference was quite remarkable, I'd say the KTM is at least 10kg lighter, maybe 20.

Note- unscientific approach of picking up each end and comparing them - no scales involved. My k8 does have a couple of items that would weigh extra (steel sprocket, ultra tubes, 6oz fww, gnarly pipe) but the difference seemed much more than those & the published 2kg .

The KTM may be a little lighter, however the RM250 feels 20lbs lighter with its rake/angle and the good low-end/mid-range power.

I think the KTM's are lighter, they are GREAT bikes.

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