Sludge on magnetic sump plug

3 weeks ago I bought an 05 EC300 and have slowly been stripping it down and replacing, greasing and cleaning as I rebuilt it.

Today I dropped the gear box oil (which looks like thefirst time for a long time), and found quite a bit of sludge on the magnetic sump plug.

As i rubbed it between thumb and finger it didn't feel to be very gritty, in fact it was very smooth.

How much sludge should I expect if any?????????????

could be from the clutch

smashpc:You will get some sludge build up over time but if you change your oil ever 4hrs then it will be minimum and depends on how hard you ride.

I used to have a TM 250 mx four stroke and it had a duel pick up and dry sump...i used to ride a shit load and changed my oil every 2-4hrs and every 5th ride i would run a little Wynns engine flush through the engine to remove any sludge in the lower section of the sump. Oil is cheap compared to replacing engine parts...And besides thats why these bikes have oil filters...they stop the sludge (fine metal particles) getting into the rest of the engine and causing more wear...

Not a problem unless you find big chunks. Change the oil and enjoy. :smirk:

Is it white-ish? Thats from condensation. Just change the oil.

Many thanks for the replies.

Don't think previous owner had changed it for quite some time.

The magnetic sludge is common and nothing to worry about.

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