Perfect Little Tail Bag

I originally had this on one of my other bikes, but took it off and put it on the DR650. It fits perfectly on the Suzuki luggage rack. Its an American Tourister shaving bag I bought at Walmart for about $12.00 as I recall. (I'm sure they probably still sell them.) I fitted a plastic base inside the bag using some flat plastic stock I had. I drilled holes in the base and poked holes in the bag with an awl, and fastened the bag to the rack with zip ties.

Although the bag is plastic lined, I'm guessing it was designed to keep liquids in (not spilling in your luggage) rather than to keep liquids out. So I don't know how waterproof it would be. However, a rain cover from a tank bag I have fits the tail bag pretty well.

There is one main compartment and two zippered compartments on the sides. It holds a pretty good bit -- I've had a phone, camera, sunglasses, tire gauge, hat, spritz water bottle and hand towel to clean the helmet visor, and Frogg Toggs rain suit in the bag at one time. It holds its shape well when not loaded.

Anyway, for what I've got invested in it, it works great. Just thought I would share. :smirk:



Great looking bag. My dad had a hard time finding anything to fit his.:smirk:

Great bag for the cost. I have panniers and a tank bag, but need an inexpensive tail bag. This seems perfect. Thanks for sharing.

I put the same bag on my KLX250S.I,m fabing up a rack for the DR to mount one on it.

How long ago did you buy this bag at Walmart? It doesn't show up on their web site. Did this bag have a coat hanger inside that maybe you removed? Can you post the bags dimensions so it may be easier to find.


Its been over a year. Yes, it did have a small hanger inside which I removed. The bag is about 12"L x 11"W x 5"D. Looks like it is called "American Tourister 41473-1041 Toiletry Kit". There were several listings for it on the 'net, but it looks like everyone is sold out of it. Hopefully it is still available - if not I apologize for leading anyone down a dead-end path.

It looks like American Tourister no longer makes the bag. This is what I was able to find. I know it can be difficult to measure a soft bag. They are saying it was 11"x11"x4". Was that 12"x11"x5" overall/outside dimensions? What does the main compartment measure?

This was the closest thing I was able to find. Similar bag....looks like it is a little smaller though. Does the bag have a pocket on the floor?


Seeing that neat little bag u mounted on your DR prompted me to re-mount the collapsible tool bag (Walmart) I had on the ol' KLR several years back. The KLR had a rack so mounting the bag was easy.......had to get creative to mount it to the DR (southern engineered with scrap pvc, hose clamps and u bolts).

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