sold my bike, now what?

hey guys sad day today, had to sell my 2005 yamaha due to having debt to pay, thew bike was looked after v well by me and my mate started first kick, new oil and air filter constanly etc.

i am hoping to buy another one in the new year but i dont know what to do,

1. my yamaha was a 250f, i was wondering if i should try a 125 2 stroke for a change?

2. should i buy a newer one or buy an older one again and spend the extra money making sure everything is ok on it.?

any other ideas?

thanks for your help , still a bit sad bout having to sell :smirk:

the bike you had was one of the few bikes that 2stroke people say are cheaper to own than a 2 stroke and if you like the handling and power than i wouldn't see why not getting another one. I had a 03 yz250f that had 350 hours on everything orginal when i sold it and it was still running strong.

125s are A LOT cheaper to maintain and suuuper fun to ride

if ur gonna go for a 125 look for a 2005 or newer YZ125, best one out by far

i picked an 08 up for $2000 with some mods, they all go for around that (05s and up)

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