Swingarm/Chain problem

Any help on this will be appreciated.Maybe some one on here has experienced this. In January I greased all the swingarm and linkage bearings,and while doing so I saw that the rubber chain slider on the swingarm was worn thru,and the chain started to cut thru the arm on the bottom right at the front where the bearings are. I filled in the grooves with JB weld and put on a new slider,front and rear sprockets and chain. All is good.It's an '08 RM250,I should say. So now after around 20 hours on it I'm going thru it again,and I find the same thing,slider worn out and chain rubbing the swingarm. Sprockets are good and chain has always been lubed and tensioned properly. Anyone have any ideas?

Have you checked your chain tension with the linkage arms off to see that you're not too tight with the recommended factory slack measurement? If I'm reading you right, it's the bottom portion of the slider near the front of the swingarm close to the countershaft that's getting worn quickly? Strong wear on the bottom would indicate strong contact when the suspension is compressed, right? Also have you done anything to the suspension that would allow too much compression or constant bottoming? One simple thing might be that if you're using OEM sliders that they are too cheesy and soft in your case. Some aftermarket sliders are amazingly tough.

give tm designs slider a try very tough stuff

Great observations guys.TNC,i wondered about the suspension but thought I was over thinking it,although my son did say he was bottoming out at times. I forgot to say the upper chain roller bearings were shot and I had to replace it also. rjcook450,I was just looking at those TM sliders. I have a TM guide on the back. Thank you gentlemen,I guess I have some work to do and money to spend. I wish my son was slow,it saves so much,as you probably know. Thank You both. Good luck and good health to you and your families.

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