Droped a valve , what to do ?

Its been a bad week.

My Wife's babied 2008 TE250 dropped a valve. Dealer quote to rebuild the motor is almost the same price as buying another bike. Is there a market to part out this bike or sell it as is ? Bike looks mint and has a few extras , including a Rekluse.

Looks like we are going to quit riding for at least this year.Sometimes life sucks.

The last ride about a hour before the motor problem


Can u post some pics of it

Over $2500?

I'd say, try to make a list of all the parts you need and start looking for the best prices you can find. Keep in mind some parts may not be out of spec but if your in there already replacing them is worth it in the long run if you plan on keeping the bike. In the mean time while your searching for parts or waiting on shipping or extra funds, call around ALL the shops in your area asking for service quotes. Make sure you tell them you'll be providing your own parts. Also, ask how much it will be if you buy the parts from them. Alot of shops will reduce the cost if you just bring them the engine. So if you could pull the motor you'll save some money there to. Stealership tried to quote me $620.00 bucks for a new cr125 top end years back because he could tell I didn't know any better. Thats how I found my mechanic, shortly after that I was price shopping and when the next guy quoted me less than half of that. When I told him the name of the guy and place that did that, he called him up and chewed the guy out. Then he did an outstanding job on my top end and I've used him ever since. I don't kow how much he quoted you but I'd bet you could find someone else to do it for half his quote.

Thinking i will start looking around for parts.

So where is the best place to pick up at 310 kit ?

Isn`t that Athena kit like 7 or 800 bucks?? Then you would have a 300!!!

$649.00 at motosportz. Looks like the best price so far , but i don't know much about this supplier.

Motosportz is top notch. See if you can talk to Kelly in person, he'll point you in the right direction. Might not be as bad as you think. What parts of the engine were ruined?

just check in at husky cafe forum a lot of resource, + 1 for Motosportz top notch service.

Just talked to George (Uptite) and he said about $2500 and you'll have a new 310.

That would not include removal, shipment and install.

$649.00 at motosportz. Looks like the best price so far , but i don't know much about this supplier.

$635 here; http://www.bigborethumpers.com/athena.html

If you can not locate valves at a reasonable price, we can make them for you.

friend just went through this with a TE, dropped valve, bent rod. husky valves were expensive and way backordered. I'd look aftermarket fro the parts.

To build the engine yourself you will also have to buy some special tools. I have an 08 TE450 that has about $3100 in damage and have been waiting on parts for about 8 weeks. It does hurt to have a repair that is near the cost of another bike.

Your kit for the 08 is $893.

Is that the one with the Athena ECU?

Sorry am I missing something. How do you know the extent of the damge?

Have a look at my thread "My engine sounds like a bag of nails!!". I took the rocker cover of and found this. Removed a few bits inc exhaust etc. Undo a few bolts and take a look at the cylinder. Time consuming but not super difficult. If your planning on parting out, then what the hey ! You may as well have a bash it it yourself?

You need to rebuild that motor yourself at all costs. You won't have 1/4 in it of what the stealer is gonna charge you.

:smirk::thumbsup: Plus you can have some fun doing it.

folks,in defense of the dealer,it probably needs a new head or head repaired,costs plenty either way.4 titanium valves,300 kit,rod repair kit,main bearings,seals,orings,a few gaskets,machine shop expense,maybe a timing chain,possibly valve guides,chemicals and some labor, 12 hours or so.if you add it all up the "stealer"probably is a decent chap after all.catostrophic failures are a bummer and very expensive.sorry to here of this persons problem but we just got one in over the week end that sounds like a twin except ours is a 2007.dan

just part the fkn think out , and then buy her a smoker or a xr 250. fixed.

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